Welcome to Santa-Claus.lv - a saloon of souvenirs and Christmas balls with your logo and additional decor in Riga and whole Latvia.

On the eve of the winter holidays each of us is anticipating Christmas miracles. Our company will help you bring those miracles to life and present yourself and your favourite clients with such wonderful Christmas presents as Christmas balls with a logo, which cause a sensation of sincere childhood feelings.
Christmas balls with your logo will not only bring aesthetic joy as they are made from quality glass, but they will also help you make an effective statement to a client.
Christmas balls will become beautiful and joyful presents or souvenirs, which will help you to establish warmer and trust-based relationships with your clients, partners and employees.


Types of Christmas balls

There are four ball diameters – 65, 80, 100 and 120 мм.
Ball covered area – 48, 58, 72 and 76 mm.

There are six basic (most popular) ball foil colours:
Pearl white, red, blue, green, gold, silver.
Each colour may be gloss or matte.

You can lay on logo of your company, decorate it with ornament or other additions.

You can purchase Christmas balls with Christmas symbols, hand painted Christmas balls or order individual painting following your sketches or photos.

Logo application on to Christmas balls is possible for order over 50 pieces.

Tailor-made Christmas ball colours are possible for orders over 500 pieces.
Additional colour Pantone foil is 1.20 EUR.

Prices 2019, Euro

(with one colour logo application on one side)

65 mm80 mm100 mm120 mm

Logo, caption or drawing application on to Christmas ball is possible with one or several colours using Pantone palette (max 4 colours).
Every additional logo colour - 0.80 EUR.

Additional decoration

We also offer hand painted Christmas trees, we can additionally manually decorate balls with ornament (e.g., sweets, snowflakes, captions). Additional decoration scan be ordered for full quantity as well as its part, which will allow you to make these presents special to your favourite clients and partners. The price will depend on ball size, chosen colours, need for additional ornamentation, quantity and the deadline.

Additional decoration for 1 ball:
a) points, stars, snow - 0.80 EUR
b) snowflake, snow cap - 1 EUR

Christmas balls packaging

Branded Christmas balls with a logo usually are delivered in special packaging. It protects glass toys and can be made following the client's sketch, be branded or coming in standard packaging ('Snow Queen'). It also can be packed in a set of two, three or four balls.

Packaging price:
Cardboard packaging for 1 ball 65 mm - 0.55 EUR, 80 mm - 0.65 EUR, 100 mm - 0.75 EUR
Cardboard packaging for 2 balls 80 mm with windowing - 0.80 EUR
Cardboard packaging for 3 balls 80 mm with windowing - 1.20 EUR
Cardboard packaging for 4 balls 80 mm with windowing - 1.30 EUR


Send your logo in the vector format "curves" to the e-mail zakaz@santa-claus.lv – our manager will contact you to specify details, agree delivery time and payment details.

This year, the delivery will be carried out on December 10-12.
All orders are to be placed by 1 December.